Posted on August 23, 2016  in Blog, Home Needs

During the lunch time, do you like to have fresh food and a cold drink? Do you like to carry a crazy small lunch box in hand to work like a child goes to school? If then, you must buy a new enjoyable lunch box. There are personal coolers available in the market that is perfect for taking lunch along with you. Some of the personal best cooler is listed below and you can consider any one of the following to take lunch to the office.

The personal coolers are handy and small to hold comfortable. Most of the models contain soft sides along with a shoulder strap for easy transport. Few models have also handle on the top of the bag or some have an insulated backpack. Some models have personalized zippers and hard sided coolers have a plastic lock in most of them. It has the potential to maintain your food cool for a couple of days.

There are different colors, style, size,model options available for you and you can choose any of the models that are best suitable for your requirement. Also, since there are different manufacturers there each one has a different style and adds a unique touch to their brand. Most of the coolers can carry only a few canned drinks and up to six pack.

You can use the personal coolers for a car ride, daily lunch, and a trip to lake and beach and even to shopping. Though the soft sided coolers look small, you can expand it to hold more items. You can either choose a soft-sided cooler or more solid one based on your requirement. Before buying a small cooler, you must know about some of the models available in the market.

Coleman FlipLid 6 Personal Cooler holds six soda cans or beer. The bottom is little wide to provide more stability and the handle is comfortable to hold smoothly. The top of the cooler is flip lid that stands unique from the other models. The lid of this model is reversible that allows you to use it as a serving tray also. It is available in red and blue color.

Rubbermaid 10Qt Personal Ice Chest Cooler is a small chest cooler that is the perfect choice when you need a small cooler. It holds up to 12 cans along with ice. It has the potential to maintain food and drinks cool because of its superior thermal retention. The handle of the personal cooler is durable and sturdy that swings on the top. This personal cooler is very easy to clean and it can able to resist odors and stains. Like the previous model, it is available in blue and red color.

Igloo 14.8Qt Playmate Cooler is the best small coolers since it maintains the cooling for a longer period and it is a high-quality cooler. The locking lid is designed as tent shaped that avoids spills. The outside is durable and prevents any damages to occur. Also, this model is very comfortable to handle, easy to access and you can open it from either side of the cooler.