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It is best to plan healthy and wholesome meals for your family. Some people will have a mindset to take healthy foods only when they are on a strict diet. It does not mean that you have to eat healthy foods only when you are involved in football practice, signed up for a gym membership or wish to exercise more. If you have children at home, then it is important to cook healthy family meals. Here in this blog, we are sharing few family recipes that are easy and simple to cook.

Mashed Potatoes
Medium sized potatoes: 8
Butter: Half stick
Milk: Half cup

Peel the outer covering of potatoes and immerse in a dish of boiling water.
Boil the potatoes until it gets cooked well. It may take half an hour to one hour to completely cook. When you place a fork or knife, it should get easily pierced.
Drain the extra water from the dish and shift the potatoes to another pan.
Use a potato masher or mixer to mash the potatoes in a smooth manner. There should not be any lumps. It should be soft and smooth.
Add milk and butter little by little as you mash.
If necessary, you can add salt to the potatoes.
Mix the ingredients well in such a way it looks wholesome and rich to consume.

Freshly cut green beans and frozen peas can be taken along with this meal. If you are using fresh peas or beans, then you have to boil or steam for about five to ten minutes. Check whether it is cooked well before serving. Mashed Potatoes are a simple and healthy family recipe. All age groups like it.

Other family recipes that you can try in your home are olives and chicken dish, homemade pizza, homemade biscuits, paprika, potato salad and more.


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