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Posted on March 26, 2016  in Blog, Easy Card Tricks

If you are looking for any attraction to please a larger crowd, offer them an entertainment while wanting to do something very different, then easy card tricks are the best choice. This will get you a good applause, entertain your guests and will also be a thing to remember for them.

In this method, a deck is chosen and shuffled. Swiftly peek at the bottom card when you shuffle. Immediately after this, you need to flip down the card using your thumb. Then ask the member from audience to say stop at any moment. As soon, they do this you ought to choose it from the section, which you have separated already. When the member say stop, you stop it there and start from again by following the same trick again.

Initially you should memorize the card so that you could find it easy .Once the member says stop , that particular card is noted and it is kept slightly inside the later shuffle. Then the card is shuffle again and another member is asked to say stop at any moment.

Mean time the same way when he stops, the card is noted down. Here, just for a clue previously chosen card is kept for identification. After executing all, at this moment just to entertain and divert the attention of the audience throw the previous cards on them saying that the card jumps, as it is nervous. Definitely, the crowd would be entertained.

In order to wrap up the trick, request your audience to glace through the cards and discover the cards you named. This card would be the above one they have chosen. This interesting card trick is known as Nervous Card. The audiences will undoubted love it. These kind of simple card tricky games would definitely make you unique in the crowd and the audience feel entertained.